Hi Everyone,

Im a 22 year old college student studying business management and marketing at Briar Cliff University in Iowa, US. I’m originally from a small town in England called Bury St Edmunds. I recently went home this summer and travelled around Europe with my two college roommates. Throughout my travels I tried a variety of foods without even concerning myself with what was in them. Well school has started again, therefor so has track, meaning I must focus again of my physique and the contents of what I am putting in my body. With health being such a huge component in today’s society, it’s no wonder that there are so many different low-calorie recipes being created by redesigning popular food dishes. I’m here to determine whether these reconfigured comfort foods are actually worth making. Each week I’m going to recreate online recipes that have been popular with nutritionists and the public. I will make it myself and then judge it on appearance, taste, how much it fills you up, and most importantly how easy it really was to make.


Have a great day!