In Queso Hunger, try out this recipe!

Sunday is the day of rest. Especially because a lot of the time we have gone out the night before and are nursing a hangover. And what comes with a hangover, the hunger pains that long for deep friend, greasy, delicious food. However, when you’re trying to watch what you are eating it can become a little difficult to satisfy these cravings. My guilty pleasure is cheese, if cheese can be added then so it shall be. So, how can I incorporate my love for cheese into my healthy eating ways, Damn Delicious ( has the answer, skinny dip queso.

This recipe is quick, easy, and cheap to make, so no excuses to anyone looking for an excuse to stick to the usual store brought dip. Being a student I hate buying a bunch of ingredients that ill only ever use once. This recipe however uses a lot of ingredients that are generally in the everyday household, well in mine and my friends that is, therefore the price isn’t bad at all. And well what can I say about the taste, delicious and just as good as anything you will find in the store; without as many calories. So don’t feel like you have to be left out on game day when everyone is eating their favorite foods because you can dive on in into this. And just think you don’t have to dip chips into queso. I have found that a variety of vegetables taste great in this mix, such as carrots, celery, peppers and other items from this food gorup. There’s always ways to make something that little bit healthier, and with moderation your down to drop some inches. ENJOY


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