No trick here, just a treat!


Now as it is that time of the year I had to choose to do something sweet, or go with a twist and do something gross (to match Halloween), and of course the sweet side won. Now, as I can assume everyone has been busy carving pumpkins and getting their costumes sorted, so this inspired me to focus on the traditional pumpkin pie that everyone seems to love so much. As you can imagine this is the time of year when our winter ‘bods’ emerge and we don’t seem to mind those extra pounds piling on. However, why not have your cake and eat it too (I guess I could use pie as the reference here instead.) Browsing around for a yummy recipe I came across a recipe from ChocolateCoveredKatie! This turns a traditional dessert such as pumpkin pie into a healthy masterpiece. Each slice ends up being only 141 calories and sugar contents to around 9g.

Making the base was easy peezy, especially as I had had some practice last week with the crust for my tart. This one is a little more time consuming however and you will need to plan ahead as it does need to be left in the refrigerator for around 5 hours. I did mix this recipe up a little bit, and instead of using pastry flour I traded this for almond flour. Now, the only reason I did this is because I had almond flour left over from making my previous cost, when it comes to saving pennies definitely use an all-purpose or pastry flour as they are much cheaper options.

The taste of this pie was amazing, according to not only me but my roommates instead. The filling really is thick and creamy as described, and the crust tasted great using almond flour. The pie was also really light and didn’t leave me feeling bloated or uncomfortable. This is a definite must for anyone who is wanting to celebrate winter the right way, and create the most delightful aroma as a bonus. 🙂



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