Sunday Funday with a side of meatballs!

Sunday Funday is upon us, and when there is football and beer you don’t want to be eating a plain old salad. However, just because it isn’t on the regular healthy list, doesn’t mean that with moderation it isn’t okay. On Sundays me and my friends all go to this bar to watch NFL football, and as a fun treat everybody brings a homemade dish. This week I chose a recipe from skinnytaste; crock pot Italian turkey meatballs.

Now, this recipe does require some prep time because the minimum length of time it will take you is roughly 3 ½ to 4 hours, so I was required to get up at 8am on a Sunday which isn’t my favorite, but for a recipe this delicious it was totally worth it. What helped a huge amount was the fact the site gives you details on the end result, for example how many servings you get, and how many is in a serving. Because I was looking to feed 30 or so people I decided to triple the amount of ingredients, therefore I made around 75 meatballs. This was lucky I did this, as by the end of day all of the meatballs and sauce was gone. I really can’t critique this recipe in anyway, the meatballs where delicious and so was the sauce. It was definitely worthwhile to make the sauce from scratch as it really gave the dish a fresh taste that no packaged sauce can really contend with. So overall, I agree not the healthiest, especially when you are like me and moderation is tough, but at just 200 calories a serving its okay to go over slightly, and have 2 or 3 servings. 😉 Check out their website below, and give their recipe a try.

Below is a picture of my end result and skinnytastes, as you can see I took this towards the end of the day, hence why it looks a little low. 


Crock Pot Italian Turkey Meatballs

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