‘Muffin’ but love for this recipe

Week 3

If, like me, you tend to buy an overabundance of bananas, half of which go bad before you get to eat them, then you may want to try this recipe! Banana bread is high in sugar, fat, and, therefore, calories. Ambitious Kitchen gives you all the delicious perks of banana bread without the unhealthy disadvantages.

The recipe is just as easy, if not easier than, the original banana bread recipe, especially if you have a blender or food processor. The batter took about ten to fifteen minutes to whip up, and if you or someone you know is a healthy eater, then you probably have most of the ingredients on hand. The recipe replaces butter, sugar, and cream with Greek yoghurt, honey, and almond milk. At 136 calories, these muffins made for a great midnight (and mid-morning) snack.

Although the taste was great, the muffins ended up exceedingly sticky, so skip the cupcake wrappers and grease up the tins really well! Surprisingly enough, the cook time was accurate at only twenty-five minutes. The muffins came out soft and moist on the inside with a soft topping. Hands down these muffins where delicious, I am still eating these 3 days later as they keep extremely well, and the chocolate chunks are a perfect blend with the banana. The size of these muffins is also perfect for all ages, with them being the ideal snack size that fill you up, but don’t leave you bloated.

Below is a comparison between ambitious kitchens muffins, and my own (orange plate).




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