Holy Crêpe thats good!

Week 2

So, it’s a Sunday morning, I’ve just woken up, and my belly’s craving something sweet but also healthy. When I was younger my family was huge on pancakes for breakfast, a delicious treat; however, the amount of fat and carbs in a few pancakes really add up, so how can we make this healthy, but also tasty?

I found a recipe from a website called Foodie Fiasco (link at bottom of page), its super quick, super simple, and most importantly super delicious. It took less than 5 minutes and the ingredients where very basic, eggs, whole-wheat flour, milk, and applesauce. At first I was hesitant with the whole-wheat flour, I had substituted this before for crêpes and the results where not the best. However, whatever I did differently this time must of worked as my crêpes turned out just as good as the regular recipe usually used. Cooking time was roughly 2 minutes per crepe and the batter roughly made about 5-6 depending on the thickness. Each large crêpe comes in at just 21 calories, giving you a lot of leeway in regards to toppings. I went for low fat Greek vanilla yoghurt, with chopped up banana on top, and a sprinkle of powdered sugar, YUMMY.

Overall I would definitely recommend this recipe to anyone who’s looking for a quick and delicious treat for any time of the day. Not only is prep time significantly low, but cooking time is also kept to a minimum. This meal is also highly versatile; it gives you the flexibility of adding any ingredients that you want, whether you want to make it sweet or savory. My roommate for instance added nutella and chocolate chunks, going for the sweetest of sweet. ENJOY! 🙂


Below is a comparison picture of both my finished Crêpe, and foodie fiasco’s finished Crêpe.



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