Is the craze for cauliflower worth it?

With health being such a huge component in today’s society, it’s no wonder that there are so many different low-calorie recipes being created by redesigning popular food dishes. I’m here to determine whether these reconfigured comfort foods are actually worth making.

Each week I’m going to recreate online recipes that have been popular with nutritionists and the public. I will make it myself and then judge it on appearance, taste, how much it fills you up, and most importantly how easy it really was to make.

Week 1:

I am a sucker for carbs (AKA pizza), but not so much the calories that accompany them. In terms of pizza, flavor seems to be directly correlated with calorie content, so cauliflower pizza crust just might be the hero we need. The question is, however, does it taste as good as the delicious, buttery carb-loaded dough?

I found a popular recipe on The Little Green Spoon (link at the bottom of page) that gave precise instructions to make two small pizzas. We followed the directions as closely as possible, and here’s what we decided.

At first, the recipe seemed very simple and easy to follow, however we didn’t follow it as closely as we apparently needed to. For example, an entire roll of paper towels is not a sufficient substitute for cheesecloth when it comes to squeezing moisture out of the cauliflower. Thanks to this overlooked step, our baking time increased from thirty-four minutes to over two hours, after which the dough still wasn’t crispy enough to compete with its unhealthy counterpart. If I were to reuse anything from this recipe, it would definitely be the pizza sauce. This sauce was bursting with flavor from the fresh tomatoes, basil, and garlic. We topped our pizzas with Colby jack cheese, red onion, chicken, and prosciutto ham, although any toppings are obviously acceptable. The taste of the finished product was definitely not as good as good, old-fashioned pizza dough, but it was a tasty alternative. If I were ever to make this recipe again, I would probably throw some seasoning into the dough itself and definitely be sure to invest in some cheesecloth. Below is a picture of my finished meal, and below it The Little Green Spoons finished pizza. You can judge for yourself which came out better, the important part is is that I tried! 🙂



The Little Green Spoon URL:


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